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Rubber Components

Natural and synthetic rubbers have produced significant impact on global markets. The share of natural and synthetic rubber in industries is 40 percent and 60 percent respectively. Major producers of natural rubber are Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand, whereas US is the leading producer of synthetic rubber. India is also a leading producer of the both natural and synthetic rubber. The consumption of natural rubber is by and large contributed by the automobile industry and the transportation sector. Various reputed tyres and tubes producing companies require tons of natural rubber annually. Moreover, there are a range of industrial products made of rubber. Rubbers have numerous applications in various sectors like:
  • Automotive (belts, hoses, gaskets, moldings)
  • Industrial (adhesives, padding, belting, vibration dampening, wire sheathing)
  • Consumer (toys, door moldings)
  • Construction (roofing, sealants, moldings)

The leading country in rubber consumption is China. India ranks at the fourth position after USA and Japan. Both natural rubber and synthetic rubber are the preferred materials to produce a host of industrial goods. Most of these products are manufactured from a wide range of elastomers including Bekalite, SMC, DMC, FRP, Thermosetting Plastics, EVA and Phenolic Resins.

Rubber Components

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