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Governance & Compliance

Santec Group is committed to conduct its entire business by complying with all the legislative laws and regulations that govern its industry sector. Following highest ethical standards, the company have established its reputation as a responsible corporate citizen. Company's corporate compliance program is driven by its mission that is focused towards the overall benefits of company's customers, stakeholders and employees as well as the communities, at large. Santec Group has laid down policies and procedures to guide its employees and managers, establishing their duties and responsibilities. Besides, additional policies and procedures are issued from time to time. The basic policies are mentioned herein:

Legal & Ethical Conduct
The company conducts its business in compliance with all laws, rules and regulations.

Work Environment
Following the principles of equality, the company ensures fair employment to people without any discrimination on the grounds of a race, caste, creed, religion, sex, age, disability, citizenship or other status.

Fair Dealing
As per the company's policies, each and every employee has to deal fairly with the company's customers, suppliers and competitors. Unfair advantage is allowed through manipulation, concealment, misrepresentation, unfair dealing and abuse of privilege.

Production Ethics
The company is committed to manufacture safe and effective products and endeavors to exceed the regulations promulgated. In addition, the company will comply with all applicable laws and regulations relating to the environment and occupational health and safety.

Positive Competitive Practices
The company will compete in all business opportunities fairly, ethically and legally. However, it don't divulge production plans, business strategies or any other confidential information with the competitors.

Accurate Recording and Reporting
As accurate information is mandatory for the company to satisfy the legal and statutory obligations, all employees are directed to record information accurately and honestly.
Governance & Compliance

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