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FRP Products - Overview

Products manufactured from fiber reinforced plastic or FRP offer great advantages when used in complex applications, which involve severe environmental conditions. FRP products are light in weight, flexible and highly corrosion resistant as well as highly cost effective. Also a wide range of additional physical properties can be achieved with different constructions. The different types of FRP used in the industrial level production are:

Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic
Carbon fibers are processed to weave or braid into carbon fabrics, cloths and mats.

Aramid Fiber Reinforced Plastic
Aramid fibers are manufactured in varying grades with varying qualities for strength and rigidity. They are tailored to specific design needs concerns.

Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic
Glass fibers have reduced weight, improved surface quality and aerodynamics. They are easier to shape into complex shapes.

FRP Molding Processes
There are two distinct categories of molding processes using FRP plastics viz. composite molding and wet molding. In composite molding, plastics are fiber reinforced before being put through molding process. Whereas in wet molding, it combines fiber reinforcement and the matrix or resist during the molding process.

Important FRP Products
Some of the important FRP products that are used widely in industries are:
  • Body fairing and Head light covering, modflaps, mudguards, engine guards
  • Chemical tanks
  • Exhaust systems
  • Canopies and fume extractors
  • Ducting, scrubbers, fume cupboards, security cabins, air purifying chambers, etc.
  • Packing units
  • FRP doors, table tops, partitions, etc.

FRP Products - Overview

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