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Sheet Metal Products - Santec Advantage

Sheet Metal Products - SanSantec's hydraulic presses and other hydraulic systems are used in a wide spectrum of industrial and commercial applications. The line of equipment is used to produce a wide range of sheet metal components. Apart from precision and accuracy, the equipment have different kind of guiding arrangement to suit the needs of various applications. Santec offers different types of hydraulic presses for sheet metal industry:
  • Deep Drawing Presses
  • SS Drawing Presses
  • Hydraulic Punching Presses
  • Triple Compression Deep Drawing Press
  • Hydraulic Trimming Presses
  • Hydraulic Coining Presses
  • Powder Compacting Presses
  • Hydraulic Blanking Presses
  • C' Frame Type Presses
  • Compression Molding Presses
  • 4 - Nos Hard Chrome Pillars Type Presses

These machines produces sheet metal components to precise thickness or width requirements with controlled hardness and surface finish properties. They also ensure accurate dimensional specifications like overall thickness, gauge thickness, overall width, outer diameter (OD) and length. The machines are equally capable for producing different types of sheet metal like cast, wrought, extruded, compacted, cold finished, drawn, hot rolled or arc furnace treated.

Quality assurance is critical in all stages of production. It helps in monitoring and controlling the level of quality, which further indicates the level of adherence to the specifications provided by the customers. Quality assurance also directs and facilitates the establishment of all those activities that make sure of the quality of the goods delivered.
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Sheet Metal Products - Santec Advantage

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