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Construction Equipment - Overview

Construction Equipment Industry experiences strong growth, spurred by the nation’s rapid economic development. Scaling new heights in the Indian Construction Equipment Industry, the industry has the potential to grow fivefold from its current size of US$2.3 billion to approximately US$12–13 billion by 2015. The industry players intend to introduce low-priced multi-purpose equipment to attract new customers and to increase mechanization in important areas. They also improve cost positions and design to the technical prowess. Some of th important construction equipment are:
  • Cantilevered Sling
  • Hydraulic Elevator
  • Hydraulic Muffler
  • Cranes
  • Hydraulic Forklift

Construction equipment have features like power steering, pneumatic tires, full head, long forks, stop and backup lights. These heavy duty systems are best suited for a large number of industrial and commercial applications. They are tough and stand up to everyday use. They save time and due to the lowered cost, serve as an economical alternative.

Hydraulic construction equipment are simple by design but can perform miraculous tasks that are otherwise impossible to perform. Within minutes, these machines raise multi-ton bridge beams on highways, heavy equipment in factories and even lift beach-front houses onto pilings. Hydraulic construction equipment are also used to lift killer whales out of water tanks while shifting them to new destinations.
Construction Equipment - Overview

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