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Quality Assurance Activities

Quality Assurance Activities or QAA is designed for product evaluation and process monitoring. They also assure that the product development and associated processes are correctly carried out as per the process control plan. Products are monitored for conformance to standards and operations are monitored for conformance to procedures. Quality Assurance Activities not only assure the existence of clear and achievable standards but also evaluate the compliance of the products to the established standards.

In Quality Assurance Activities, audits are the key technique used to perform product evaluation and process monitoring. At the same time, they also assure that appropriate steps to carry out the process are being followed. Moreover, management plan review ensures that appropriate methods are regularly supplement to these processes. Audit report to management consists of the findings and recommendations to bring the development into conformance with standards and/or procedures. QAA assures that:
  • All the operation and production activities are performed in accordance with the quality plans, standards and procedures.
  • Configuration control is maintained in critical phases of testing, acceptance and delivery.
  • Authentication is established by a series of reviews that exhibit the performance required by the standard or contractual specification.
  • Verification and validation activities are done by monitoring technical reviews, inspections and walkthrough.
  • Formal testing is done in accordance with plans and procedures.
  • Requirements are complete, testable and properly expressed.
Quality Assurance Activities

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