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Rubber Dispersion Kneader Machine

Approx. Rs 14 Lakh / Piece

Santec' Dispersion Kneaders are specially designed for mixing variety of materials ranging from low viscosity adhesive to high viscosity polymers. These versatile machines can be used in both rubber as well as plastic industries. Dispersion kneaders perfectly controls mixing and blending of raw material to form uniform compound mixture ensuring better dispersion. The machine consists of a mixing chamber fitted with rotary blades, made of high grade steel. Mixing of the raw material takes place in this chamber, the blended compound is then cooled with the help of water. The mixing chamber comprises of a Pneumatically or Hydraulically controlled pressure lid, which helps to maintain pressure on the raw material during mixing.

Rubber Dispersion Kneader machine ensures homogeneous compound dispersion, easy colour change cleaning, and simple operation, and represents techno-economic achievement. This kneader may be used to combine a wide range of materials, from low viscosity adhesives to high viscosity rubber. The complete Dispersion Kneader line is built with a cooling jacket, which promotes mixing dispersion and prevents material burning.

Santec's Dispersion kneaders are used widely for the following applications:

Rubber Compounds & End Products

Natural Rubber, Synthetic Rubber Mastication of NR, IIR, SBR, CR, EPDM, Fluorine Rubber, Silicone Rubber. Rubber Tires, Packing Gaskets, Hose, Belts, Shoe Sole, Sponge, Electric Wire Covering, Casters, Golf Balls, Oil Seal, Weather Strips, Water Proof Sheet, EVA, Thread Compound Battery Containers , tubes ,Conveyor belts ,Silicone rubber etc.

Plastic Compounds & End Products

HDPE, LDPE, PP, PVC, ABS, PS, EVA Thermoset plastics compounds & profiles wire covering, BMC etc.

Additional Information:

Hydraulic Rubber Bale Cutter

Approx. Rs 5 Lakh / Piece

Rubber Bale Cutters from Santec are specially designed to provide greater precision in cutting, while maintaining the uniformity in thickness. These bale cutters can be customized as per the specifications provided by the clients.

Models Available : Rbc-10 Ton, Rbc-20 Ton, Rbc- 25 Ton, Rbc- 50 Ton

Motor Rating: 3- 7.5 hp

With machines well recognized for their economic functioning, durability and ease of usage, these are ideal for cutting -

-Natural rubber-Synthetic rubber

Counter Drawing Or Reverse Drawing Presses

Counter Drawing Or Reverse Drawing Presses
  • Counter Drawing Or Reverse Drawing Presses
  • Counter Drawing Or Reverse Drawing Presses

Approx. Rs 4.5 Lakh / Piece

This innovative concept is an energy saving & cost effective, high production & highly suitable for long draw depth components i.e. Geyser body etc. As shown below, the top die is attached to the slide. The lower die is mounted on the press bed with the blank holder. The punch is located in an opening in the center of the press bed on the draw cushion cylinder.

In this operation, once again, a single  Action press with a draw cushion is used. Pushing deformation, the blank holding force is transferred via the slide from above & the draw punch force acts from below through the active draw cushion. The punch forms the post by means of its upward movement while the blank holder rests on the die.

The active Counter drawing combines the advantages of static blank holding & the low power usage of double action dies with the advantage of a single  Action die. Admittedly, it is necessary to have a special modification of the dies for performing this operation, since the forces operate in the opposite direction to those of a normal single action deep drawing press with draw cushion. Thus, these dies can not be installed in a normal single  Action press.

CharacteristicMechanical PressesHydraulic Presses
ForceVariable (depends on slide position)Relatively constant (does not depend upon slide position)
Stroke lengthLimitedCapable of long stroke 100 or more
Slide SpeedHigher Speed CapabilitySlower pressing speeds with rapid advance & retraction variable speeds uniform throughout stroke
ControlFull Stroke generally required before reversalFull Stroke generally required before reversal
ApplicationsBlanking, Shearing, Piercing, Drawing only upto 4 inchesDeep Drawing, Straightening etc.

Price will be different according to Customer Requirement

Additional Information:

Hydraulic Double Action Deep Draw Press

Hydraulic Double Action Deep Draw Press
  • Hydraulic Double Action Deep Draw Press
  • Hydraulic Double Action Deep Draw Press

Approx. Rs 7.5 Lakh / Unit

Technical Specifications
TypeVertical Four Columns Type Structure, Frame is fabricated out of ultrasonically tested Steel Plates duly welded with suitable reinforcements to give strength & load during operation.
Capacity Of The Main Ram120 MT (1no.)
No. Of Cylinders / Ram1 no. main Cylinder + 2 nos. side Jacking Cylinders for blank holder’s fast down & fast up movement + 6 nos. blank holder cylinders fixed at equal distance for uniform distribution of blank holder force or better clamping of sheet + 1 no. ejector cylinder .
Bed Size or Bolster Plate1100 mm (LR) x 900 mm (FB)
Bore (piston) Dia. of Main Cyl.11"
Stroke Length Of Main Cylinder500 mm (Adjustable)
Open Daylight700 mm
Blank Holder Cylinder's Capacity80 Tons
Stroke Length Of Blank Holder Cylinders:300 mm
Advanced or Approach Speed90 - 100 mm/sec. (Approx.)
Drawing Speed8 - 10 mm/sec. (Approx.)
Return Speed120 - 150 mm/sec. (Approx.)
Working Pressure200 to 210 kg/cm2
Electric Motor15 H.P.,3phase,1440 R.P.M., ABB Make
PumpDouble Pumps for high & low speeds
Both auto /manual mode of operation
PLC - Operated control panel
PLCOmron / Siemens make with coloured touch screen for user friendly operation.
Weight Of The Press6 - 7 Tons( Approx.)
T-Slots SizeT-20
Provide Us More Details
Purpose of Requirement:

Reselling End Use Raw Material


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