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Quality & Compliance

Quality Assurance

Santec is committed to achieve excellence in all spheres and therefore, pursues continuous quality improvement in totality. The company is ISO 9001:2008 certified for quality management system at par with global standards. Quality Management System has been introduced at every stage. Besides, Santec has a well audited quality system to maintain its quality edge on continuing basis. The company consistently upgrades quality management system as per the latest specifications. Further, Santec follows all the norms regarding quality management and Environmental protection laid-down by local/international legislative requirements for the benefit of the stakeholders and the society at large.

Santec is committed to provide the premium quality industrial presses, which conform to the international standards of quality and safety. Therefore, the company apply stringent quality checking and testing on each product. Quality Control & Assurance (QC & A) department keeps a strict vigil on the entire manufacturing operations right from purchase of raw materials to the shipment of finished goods. Using highly sophisticated quality testing facility, the technocrats perform all requisite quality testing to thorough check a system for efficient run. The battery of quality tests is applied on each machines to ensure:

  • Performance
  • Features
  • Reliability
  • Conformance to the requirements of application
  • Durability
  • Serviceability
  • Aesthetics
  • Quality as per standard or contractual specifications
Guaranteed PerformanceAfter subjecting to the regular testing procedures, each machine is compulsorily subjected to 72 hours of reliability testing, before it leaves the factory. During this, the machines is continuously operated to weed out any possibility of breakdown, during peak load. In fact, Santec's products works perfectly for more than 20 years without breaking down.

Quality Compliance

Santec identifies those key result areas as quality objectives, which overall affect the process and hence the quality. Therefore, quality objectives are established to ensure continual improvement in the organization's performance. Moreover, it is also ensured to measure these quality objectives so that these can be effectively and efficiently reviewed. At Santec, the quality objectives are:

  • To meet customers' requirements in terms of functionality, safety, efficiency and life expectancy.
  • To take effective actions on customers' feedbacks.
  • To ensure planned results and continual improvements in all operations.
  • To increase productivity by reducing wasteful activities.
  • To effect continuous improvements in Customer Satisfaction Index.
  • To ensure training of employees as per defined targets, training needs and requirements.

Quality Mantra

Quality Assurance PlanQuality Assurance Plan is a critical part of any project, as it enables to agree a set of quality targets with the customers. It then helps in monitoring and controlling the level of quality, which further indicates the level of adherence to the targets. The purpose of quality assurance plan is to direct and facilitate the establishment of quality assurance activities with in processes used to deliver right products and services to the clients. This also makes sure of the quality of the goods delivered.PolicyQuality Assurance Plan describes the principles, processes and procedures used to support the regular delivery of high quality products and competitive services. The quality assurance process is concerned with establishing the authority of the quality assurance function, standards, procedures and their monitoring and evaluation to determine quality in relation to established standards. Quality assurance activities concentrate on the prevention of problems through the continuous improvement of processes.Quality Assurance TeamAt Santec, there is a dedicated quality assurance team. Management is determined to protect the team’s independence in dealing with the process quality – for both products and services. Management also helps the team to formulate the roles and responsibilities of each individual of the team.Roles & ResponsibilitiesThe main function of the quality assurance team is to guide the technical staff to gradually improve the standards relating to quality. Quality assurance team will initiate the process and will take part in each and every phase of the process. The roles and responsibilities of quality assurance team are:

  • To develop and maintains the quality assurance plan.
  • To conduct the audits and reviews.
  • To ensure the quality assurance processes and procedures adequately control processes.
  • To review and approve specifies deliverables.
  • To promptly report the results of audits to management.
  • To implement task level quality control based on quality assurance standards.
  • To manage defects, errors and corrections.
Quality Assurance ProceduresDifferent methods and techniques are applied for the specific quality assurance activity. These are:

  • Structured walkthroughs are applied for detecting errors and improving products at any process stage.
  • Independent evaluation of process activities or finished products is done through checklists and meetings.
  • Independent examination of the products is carried out according to standards or contractual agreements.
Review ProcessThe various parameters on which the review of any process is done are:

  • Correctness
  • Timeliness
  • Reliability
  • Productivity

Quality Policy

Quality Assurance ActivitiesQuality Assurance Activities or QAA is designed for product evaluation and process monitoring. They also assure that the product development and associated processes are correctly carried out as per the process control plan. Products are monitored for conformance to standards and operations are monitored for conformance to procedures. Quality Assurance Activities not only assure the existence of clear and achievable standards but also evaluate the compliance of the products to the established standards.

In Quality Assurance Activities, audits are the key technique used to perform product evaluation and process monitoring. At the same time, they also assure that appropriate steps to carry out the process are being followed. Moreover, management plan review ensures that appropriate methods are regularly supplement to these processes. Audit report to management consists of the findings and recommendations to bring the development into conformance with standards and/or procedures. QAA assures that:

  • All the operation and production activities are performed in accordance with the quality plans, standards and procedures.
  • Configuration control is maintained in critical phases of testing, acceptance and delivery.
  • Authentication is established by a series of reviews that exhibit the performance required by the standard or contractual specification.
  • Verification and validation activities are done by monitoring technical reviews, inspections and walkthrough.
  • Formal testing is done in accordance with plans and procedures.
  • Requirements are complete, testable and properly expressed.

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