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Surgical Implants & Instrument - Santec Advantage

Santec offers most efficient hydraulic presses and hydraulic systems in various configurations, which suit the varied requirements of surgical implants and instruments production. These presses are used in manufacturing of surgical instruments, implants and other products. These hydraulic presses have compact design and easy operation. Moreover, these presses and other hydraulic systems ensure better accuracy each time and every time. For this industry, Santec offers following machines in standards as well as tailor-made configurations:
  • Deep Drawing Presses
  • Hydraulic Punching Presses
  • Triple Compression Deep Drawing Press
  • Hydraulic Trimming Presses
  • Hydraulic Coining Presses
  • Hydraulic Blanking Presses
  • Compression Molding Presses
  • Rubber Molding Presses
  • Silicone Rubber Molding Presses
  • Double action Deep Drawing Presses

The hydraulic systems are designed using latest technologies. As for example, the systems feature PLC (microprocessor) servo, proportional controls and cartridge valve. Moreover, the capacity is ranging from 15 tons to 5000 tons.
Surgical Implants & Instrument - Santec Advantage

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