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Conflict of Interest

As per the company's long-established policy, all employees avoid any situation that conflicts their personal interests with the interests of the company. Santec Group never interfere with the rights of employees to engage in outside business or other activities, if that do not conflict with employees' obligations to the company. The company will not encourage any outside business or other activities for its employee that will influence or hinder their duties for the company. Employees are expected to promptly disclose a potential conflict of interest to their supervisor in order to find out appropriate solution to the situation.

The situations would be regarded contrary to company policy:
  • Outside work as a director, officer, employee, agent with any prospective competitor, customer, supplier, partner or licensee without the prior written permission.
  • Any stock or other financial interest held by an employee in any present or prospective competitor, customer, supplier, partner or licensee.
  • Outside activity which lessens the impartiality, good judgment, effectiveness or productivity expected from employees.
  • Investment or speculation in equipment, real estate, materials or other property purchased or sold by the company.

Other activities that would be regarded as unethical and contrary to company policy are:
  • Borrowings by an employee from present or prospective competitors, customers, suppliers, partners or licensees.
  • Borrowings by an employee from banks or other recognized financial institutions with whom the company maintains business relationships.
  • The divulging of confidential information of the company to unauthorized outsiders.
  • Purchases of stock or other securities of any entity with whom the company does business.
  • Former employees of the company calling on the company in a sales capacity within two years after their employment terminated.
Conflict of Interest

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